Scope of laptop chip level engineers in India

Scope of laptop chip level engineers in India:

With the passage of time and the development in the field of technology, computer has now become one of the important parts of our life. There is no doubt about the fact that in the 21st Century, India has started becoming a big market. India shares a big portion of the global computer market. The point of more importance here is not about the size of computer the market, which India has and the huge number of computer hardware it is selling. But it is also about the increase in demand for skilled technicians. The other side of this whole story gives a different picture which tells us that the skilled technicians who work on laptop motherboard chip level repair are really less than the current demand.
There is not even a single company which gives the unlimited warranty. Once your warranty is over, you will have to go to any private service center to get the computer/laptop repaired. This is because no company gives authority to any authorized service center for chip level repairs. Warranty with limited time duration only gives you the replacement of motherboard, screen, hard disk, writer, etc only. The components & BGA levels are not repaired under the warranty. A company has a strategy to charge more and more from you after the expiry of your warranty. This is the major reason why the demand for skilled technicians is increasing rapidly these days.


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