Evolution in Chip Level Repair

Current demand of computer and laptop market in India

With the increase in the demand of computers and laptops, there is also a sudden increase in the demand of chip level repair engineers. The current global market of computer and laptop is valued at around 102 US dollars and it is expected to increase in the coming years down the line. In the last couple of years in India, the computer and laptop market grew by 20% and by 2022, it is predicted to increase by 30-35%.  

Future trend and demand fulfillment of laptop chip level repair engineers

As per the current growth in the computer market, the demand of chip level engineers is on all time high. There is limited number of chip level repair engineers in India. To meet the current demand of chip level repair engineers and fulfill the need of computer and laptop technology, it becomes more important for all the students to gain required knowledge.

Great earning and self employment in chip level repair
The chip level repair engineers also make good money after the completion of different chip level repair courses. As per the latest data, on and average a chip level engineer earns INR 12,000/- to 15,000/- a month. The best thing about becoming a chip level repair engineer is the self employment it provides. If a chip level repair engineer starts his own business, then initially he can start earning INR 25,000/- to 30,000/- a month.

Easy enrollment process for students
Out of all the benefits of chip level repair course, there is also one benefit which gives the opportunity to everyone who wants to grow further by doing this course. For that, a student at least needs to be 10+2 pass out. So, any undergraduate student can easily come and enroll themselves for chip level repair course.

Classroom training and practical exposure
Every student gets benefited by having the full fledged comprehensive classroom training. The online training does not include face to face and real time interaction. This creates a gap between a trainer and chip level repair trainee. Classroom training makes the interaction really easy and helps the students in clearing their doubts. The classroom training gives the complete practical exposure to all the students.
Chip level repair is turning out to be a great source of earning and learning for all the students. India is a country of youth, 50% of the total population of India consists of the youths below the age of 25 years. The future of India will be dependent majorly on the young generation. The current technological and digital age requires all the young people to be technically strong. Chip level repair courses provide all the students a competitive and technicaladvantage. In the coming years, the demand of chip level engineers is going to increase at a great speed. The demand and use of computers and laptops will rapidly increase and the market of computers and laptops is going to expand. With the increased use of computers and laptops, the demand of chip level repair engineers will also increase.


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